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VANINI 93% cioccolato fondante bio


Uganda single origin 93% BIO dark chocolate bar. The bar with the highest solids of the cocoa line for true fondant lovers who are looking for a bitter and intense flavor, but not a strong astringent. Discover the true character of this cocoa!


Vikt 85g



Vanini presents the new line of chocolate bars, all strictly organic, made with an incredible and unique Ugandan cocoa from the Bundibugyo cooperatives, where ICAM has founded a company to support the cultivation and harvesting process of cocoa. Thanks to the contribution of the most modern agronomic techniques, not only has it been possible to improve the harvests, raising the intrinsic quality of this cocoa, but the project has also led to a growth of the entire territory and has been the engine of socio-economic development. of the local community.

The organic Uganda tablets respect Nature at 360°, in fact they are born with a wrapping composed of 80% renewable raw materials that is compostable, according to the rules of industrial disposal.

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